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One guy lives in Portland, OR. The rest are in Albany, NY. 

Your dad probably likes our music.

Gobhi is Zach, Bill, Matt, and Chad

Zach and Bill started writing songs together back in 1999 when they both showed up to work as summer camp lifeguards with acoustic guitars. They quickly realized they both had a thing for guitar driven indie-alternative rock tunes with power-pop harmonies in the stylings of Sloan, Teenage Fanclub, Guided By Voices, Weezer, etc. 

They started writing songs and learning covers with occasional gigs at coffee house and small clubs. Soon enough they needed a band, and in the early 2000's they found a drummer and bass player that culminated in an opening slot for touring band "3" at the Joyous Lake in Woodstock, NY. The band didn't have a name yet, but a serendipitous meal at the local Indian restaurant that night lead to "Gobhi" on the marquee of the venue when the club manager pressed them on what to advertise. "Gobhi" just sort of stuck, sometimes leading to confusion with club owners who figured we were a roots-rock jam band based on the name alone. What's in a name, anyways? 

The band line up has changed quite a bit over the years, with 2014's "Twenty Turns" implying how many versions have existed up to that point.  However, around 2016 they met drummer Chad Ploss, which ultimately lead their latest release "Billy Nova". Bandmates were on opposite coasts meeting up in various studios and basements over the better part of two years to lay a foundation of tracks for the songs. With the help of Pete Donnelly (The Figgs) at the mixing board, the guys figured out how to make this long distance relationship work.